How to Make a Driftwood Button Mold - A Guide to Casting Resin Mold From a Simple Procedure


resin moldResin molds are one of the most popular polymer molds in use today. Their flexibility allows for a wide range of possible products. The resin itself has the ability to harden. Once hardened it is extremely durable and yet easy to work with. Read on to learn how to make your own resin molded products.

Benefits: Cheap. Plastic resin molds tend to cost less than $10 per piece. (Many of them for less than $5!) When or if you damage some of a resin mold's parts, you're usually not out much money to fix it or to replace it anyways.

Easy to work with. All that's needed to create two-part resin lamps is glue, a filler, a uv resin mold base and an ultraviolet lamp. Then clamp on the UV lamp and you're done.

Easy to cure. Because there are no fumes or chemicals used in the curing process of an epoxy resin mold, it is easier to make sure that the mold pieces are properly cured. And that makes them much more likely to last longer than other molds.

How to Make an Epoxy Resin Mold Using Easymold Silicone Rubber! Step One: Find a good location where you will not be disturbed. This means a place out of traffic, like a garage or a storage room. Make sure the space is big enough, too. You don't want to have trouble getting the resin mold created if it is a large project. You could try using an empty tub, too.

Clean up. After your resin-to-mortar molds are finished working time, clean up the area. Vacuum up any residual dust or dirt from the molds, then use a damp cloth or paper towels to wipe it down. It's better to start off with a clean slate than to have to redo the cleanup process later on. It also helps keep the materials inside the molds from getting contaminated.

How to Make an Epoxy Resin Mold Using Easymold Silicone Rubber: Step Two: Make sure you have the resin container and the UV curing lamp sitting comfortably in a sturdy work surface. You will have to set up your UV curing lamp somewhere away from the surface of the container. This will require a bit of practice, but it's just a matter of aligning the lamp correctly, positioning the container and getting the proper amount of light.

Heat Cured Lamp: Using the correct settings, place the resin casting container on the table top over the UV curing lamp. The lamp needs to be placed directly over the piece that you want to cast in. You will want to set the pieces up according to the instructions on the container. You can then place a piece of cardboard on the top of the resin piece, cover it with another piece of cardboard, and secure it with some clear packing tape. If you plan on using glitter, this will be a great way to test how much glitter you will need to buy.

Prepare the Pieces: Once the resin is prepared, remove the two pieces of cardboard and set them aside. The pieces of cardboard need to be laid on top of the two pieces of cardboard, so the resin cannot drip down onto the floor. Once the two pieces of cardboard are laid out, you can then set up your curing time. Make sure to not apply too much heat to the resin while it cures.

The Best Resin Piece: Once you have placed your two pieces of cardboard on the table, you need to get started. Using the UV curing lamp and the appropriate amount of silicone, gently heat both pieces of cardboard. You will see that they melt and become solid again. Use a hot iron to melt the hot wax you are using for your best resin piece. After both pieces have cooled, you are ready to place the piece that you were going to cast in.

Use the UV curing resin pieces. Make sure that both pieces are completely clean and smooth. Place the lamp over the pieces and start to shine the lamp on the item. You will notice that the item starts to glow. If you want the lamp to last longer, place it in a location away from heat vents.

After the lamp is shining, remove the pieces and place them back on the table. Make sure to leave about six inches between the pieces to avoid air bubbles. When the pieces are properly set inside the silicone rubber mold, you will be ready to remove the molding material. To ensure the best result, you should make a test to see if the pieces are level and properly aligned before sealing the mold.


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