How to Make Resin Jewelry

 Making resin jewelry is fun and easy craft that many people enjoy. You do not have to have extensive or decorative experience in order to try your hand at making resin jewelry. Even if you are not very good at the finer crafts, resin jewelry is fairly forgiving and easy to work with. Here are some simple instructions on how to make resin jewelry.

resin jewelry

First, you need to find a good resin jewelry mold. The best kinds are those which are specially molded from metal or plastic. If you cannot find a mold you can look for a similar looking resin item. Resin molds are typically marked with an X through the bottom of the mold for different sizes and types of molds. Often, you can even find molds that say "cast in silver" or "cast in gold" to accommodate different colored resin items.

You will also need to purchase some clear packing tape or an adhesive bandage to seal the mold. Some clear packing tape brands include Scotchguard and Decora. The purpose of these tapes is to help keep the resin molds in good condition, by preventing moisture from seeping in.

You are ready to make your resin jewelry pieces! Start out by filling each cavity with either polyurethane or with mineral spirits. The mineral spirits tend to have a better consistency, while the polyurethane tends to give the molds a more rigid look. The mineral spirits are preferable for making pretty much any type of jewelry piece, though. If you choose to use the polyurethane, then you may need to put some alcohol on the pieces before starting them, as the resin may soak up the alcohol.

After you have put all of your pieces into the mold, you will need to let it cure for at least two weeks. After the resin jewelry tutorial said that you would need to sand the bottom of the pieces bubbles, I can only confirm that I did the same thing. After letting it dry, I then applied some clear lacquer to the outside of each bubble. When this was done, I then wrapped each cavity with clear packing tape, to keep the inside air tight and to prevent any bubbling from occurring.

After the resin is cured, you will need to heat it in your microwave for about a minute. Once this process is complete, I then placed the pieces in their matching metals, such as sterling silver or gold. This completed my first piece of resin jewelry! If you follow the advice in this resin jewelry tutorial, you should have no problem making a variety of different kinds of jewelry using resin. As I said earlier, this is definitely a DIY project, but following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article should make things a little bit easier!


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